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    Odisha: Thunderstorm, Rainfall Warning Issued For 5 Places : Odisha:The Meteorological department in Bhubaneswar has issued thunderstorm and rainfall warning for five places of the States.
    May 27 2019 07:50

PMPML to start shuttle services on select 11 routes in Pune : PMPML has decided to start shuttle services on select 11 busy routes in the city during peak hours (Morning and Evening).
May 25 2019 20:16

Centre issues drought advisory to southern and western states : Centre has issued a "drought advisory" to Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.
May 24 2019 07:46

Punjab: Farmers to protest against luster loss cut in wheat prices. : Punjab: Farmers to protest against luster loss cut in wheat prices. People travelling should maintain situational awareness.
May 23 2019 07:54

Pan India: Security Enhanced at Votes Counting Centres for 23 May : People are advised to remain aware of surroundings as post result violence is expected at many locations across the country.
May 22 2019 12:38

Air India stops flights from Mumbai to New York : National carrier Air India has decided to discontinue the direct flights from Mumbai to New York’s owing to poor demand.
May 21 2019 08:07

Odisha: Government issues advisory for heatwave conditions : SRC on Sun issues a list of advisory with dos and don'ts for the general public to wake intense heatwave conditions in Odisha.
May 20 2019 12:23

  • NEWS : Lighting Controls Lead LED ConversationLink ...   Read More
    May 24 2019 11:30

  • NEWS : City Upgrades to LED Street Lights At No CostLink ...   Read More
    May 24 2019 11:30

Why Today 'Data-Driven' Compliance is important for 'Corporate Services'? : Importance of Performance Data: Today, Corporate Services are exhibiting an invigorating approach to QoS (Quality of Service) & delivery stand ...
By : Satyabir Singh ( May 01 2019 09:01 )     Like : 2
2019 Up, Up and Above : I was recently asked what was the biggest difference the real estate market has seen over the past decade. My response was that in 2008-09 developers ...
By : Aju Thomas - President Trinity Partners ( Apr 23 2019 09:08 )     Like : 1
WHAT FACILITY MANAGERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MAINTENANCE : Maintenance:  The act of maintaining or the state of being maintained.  The work of keeping something in proper condition; upkeep.  Care or upkeep, ...
By : Tarun Sharma ( Jan 03 2019 17:26)     Like : 33
HOW MUCH SMOKE IS TOO MUCH SMOKE : The different kind of smoke that your car might be emitting.How much smoke is too much smoke? If you check your rear-view mirror while driving, and yo ...
By : Sanjay Shishodia ( Jan 03 2019 14:33)     Like : 3
ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR BE DESTROYED : Even though this fundamental principal of ‘LAW of CONSERVATION of ENERGY’ is the one that all of us have studied as students of class 6th, yet in prac ...
By : Rajesh Sandheer ( Dec 14 2018 20:05)     Like : 6
PROCUREMENT - NEXT LEVEL EXPECTATIONS ON MAJOR COMPETENCIES : Time flies, procurement transformation kept on setting up demands. It’s time to think about still alive competencies in procurement and its expectatio ...
By : Kanad Malhotra ( Sep 03 2018 15:23)     Like : 16
This is a GACS Initiative to help the members to get the wellness advice. Wellness initiative is taken care of by professional Doctors and Physicians, where they arrange camps and events to conduct a ... Read More

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This is a GACS Initiative for Photography enthusiast. This initiative is taken care of by professional photographer, where they arrange community camps and events to conduct a photography session. I ... Read More

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The Biker and Trekkers is another initiative of GACS where the members conduct long routes on adventurous terrains. This course you will learn the proper footwork and alpine climbing techniques. Pract ... Read More

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Music plays very important role in our life and GACS has created a community of like-minded people who have love and passion towards music. These group of members belongs to all age group and they get ... Read More

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Dr. Rajat Chauhan , Primary Catalyst,MBBS,MSc Sports/Exercise Medcine linkedin
Dr. Rajat Chauhan
Primary Catalyst,MBBS,MSc Sports/Exercise Medcine linkedin

Dr. Rajat Chauhan is a Sports-Exercise Medicine and Musculo-Skeletal Medicine physician, an aggressive promoter of GOYA (Get Off Your Arse). He has been a runner for 34+ years and has run several ultra-marathons. He has also authored 'The Pain Handbook: A Non-Surgical Way to Manage Back, Neck and Knee Pain.' His main interest is to make everyone perform at their peak levels, at any place by being in top mind-body fitness.

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Knowledgeable, reputable suppliers provide expertise, and understand the strengths and limitations of their processes. A solid supplier network, like a well-trained staff, is a valuable asset. Also, exceptional suppliers, like exceptional employees
    Project Brief :: 5 Seater Space in Vadodara
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    Project Brief :: Crockery Supplier for India
    Location: Delhi NCR Valid Upto: Wed Jun 19 2019

    Project Brief :: Ahemdabad : Space on SG Highway.
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    Project Brief :: Interiors Vendor for Bangalore
    Location: Bangalore Valid Upto: Wed Jun 19 2019

    Project Brief :: Interior Vendors for Mumbai
    Location: Mumbai Valid Upto: Fri Aug 16 2019

    Project Brief :: E Waste Management Organization
    Location: Delhi Valid Upto: Fri Aug 16 2019

    Giriraj Tours and Travels : Employee Transport Services
    Delta Troops Pvt Ltd : Security Services
    SPARC : SPARC Services by Sanjeev
    Parkland Security & Allied Services : FM & Security Services
    Grand Heritage Vacations Pvt Ltd : Holiday Planners
    Magic Auto Pvt Ltd : Transportation Services
    ISS Security Services : Security Services
GACS - Corporate Wellness Program | Questionnaire Responses | 15th Feb Knowledge Conclave : A compilation of responses to questionnaire along with white-paper for Corporate Wellness Program from delegates attending GACS Knowledge Conclave on 15th February 2019 ...
By : Dr Rajat Chauhan ( Feb 22 2019 10:23 )     Like : 5
CAFETERIA ECONOMICS IN THE WORKSPACE : .The non-agricultural workforce, is estimated at ₹24 Crores as per the NSSO Employment - Unemployment Survey (2011). Within this, approximately 25% is already part of the formal workforce as social se ...
By : ZOMATO ( Feb 19 2019 17:58 )     Like : 12