Delhi: U.P. farmers to March to Delhi on 21 September : Delhi : Traffic movement is affected on NH-9, Gazipur Border & UP Gate due to demonstration on Sep 21, 2019.
Sep 21 2019 12:55 |(Source : Mannu )
People may be fined Rs. 20,000 for violation of odd-even scheme in Delhi : NEW DELHI: Odd-Even scheme as any violation in the road rationing scheme may cost people Rs. 20,000
Sep 20 2019 07:49 |(Source : Mannu )
PAN INDIA : Bank Unions - Strike on 26 - 27 September : Pan India: Bank Unions to Go on 2-day Strike on 26 - 27 September, strike impact Banking/ATM services.
Sep 19 2019 07:33 |(Source : Mannu )
Hefty traffic fine under the new Motor Vehicle Act, 2019 - Call for Strike (Tomorrow - Sep 19th) : Noida Transport Association calls for a strike on Sept 19 against New Motor Vehicle Act, commuters will face a tough time.
Sep 18 2019 07:25 |(Source : Mannu )
New Delhi - Protest march on Sept 21 : Ravidas temple demolition: Activists plan protest march on September 21, the protest will start from Jantar Mantar(New Delhi)
Sep 17 2019 07:57 |(Source : Mannu )
Weather Update @ Telangana : Telangana : Heavy rainfall warning in the next 4 days, advisory to monitor local weather conditions.
Sep 16 2019 15:09 |(Source : Mannu )
Pan-India agitation against the faulty Economic Policies - Protest Sep 20 (Rajasthan) : Rajasthan: Congress to protest against economic slump on September 20, it's advisable to remain about your surroundings.
Sep 15 2019 12:47 |(Source : Mannu )
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Naresh Shokeen
Looking for tried tested application for ADHOC cab ...
Please give reference
1 Replies , 2 days ago
Tarun Sharma
Per Sq foot Cost
Wanted to check with our fraternity if anyone of us is aware ...
2 Replies , 17 days ago
Mukul Kishor
Security guards board
I want to know which type of complaint get from security gua ...
4 Replies , a month ago
Tarun Sharma
Notification from Center Board of pollution
Dear Friends,Do we have any notification from center board o ...
0 Replies , a month ago
Devendra Singh
References requested for A+ category of Interior C ...
References requested for A+ category of Interior
6 Replies , a month ago
HOW HYDERABAD INFRASTRUCTURE AFFECTS ITS REAL ESTATE MARKET : Hyderabad’s residential market has inched towards to an improved phase today in comparison to a couple of years back. The exuberance of it’s commercia ...
Corporate Employee Transportation - Challenges, Opportunities & Risks : IT industry was the first to start large scale transportation for employees from home to office and back. This demand was necessitated on the one hand ...
WHAT FACILITY MANAGERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MAINTENANCE : Maintenance:  The act of maintaining or the state of being maintained.  The work of keeping something in proper condition; upkeep.  Care or upkeep,...
HOW MUCH SMOKE IS TOO MUCH SMOKE : The different kind of smoke that your car might be emitting.How much smoke is too much smoke? If you check your rear-view mirror while driving, and yo...
ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR BE DESTROYED : Even though this fundamental principal of ‘LAW of CONSERVATION of ENERGY’ is the one that all of us have studied as students of class 6th, yet in prac...
PROCUREMENT - NEXT LEVEL EXPECTATIONS ON MAJOR COMPETENCIES : Time flies, procurement transformation kept on setting up demands. It’s time to think about still alive competencies in procurement and its expectatio...
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