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Shashwat - Let Nature Be: Approach to integrated sustainability
HOW HYDERABAD INFRASTRUCTURE A: Hyderabad’s residential market has inched towards to an improved phase today in comparison to a couple of years back. The exuberance of it’s commercial market is finally rubbing off on the residential demand. Sales and prices, in the residential segment, have both improved. Residential prices though
Corporate Employee Transportat: IT industry was the first to start large scale transportation for employees from home to office and back. This demand was necessitated on the one hand, by absence of effective public transportation, and on the other by the needs of very stringent standards of delivery built into contracts by the US
Why Today "Data-Driven" Compli: Importance of Performance Data: Today, Corporate Services are exhibiting an invigorating approach to QoS (Quality of Service) & delivery standards. However, it is imperative that they link their own KPIs & Metrics to core business performance. They should have the real data of Customer Satis
2019 Up, Up and Above: I was recently asked what was the biggest difference the real estate market has seen over the past decade. My response was that in 2008-09 developers used to talk about a few lakh sqft as potential development being done by them. Now the same developers talk only in millions of sqft as their future
Wealth Creation - Personal Fin: If you don"t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." * Quoted by Warren Buffett
Civil Flight Booklet - Passeng: Know your rights when you fly
MitKat Special Report: India-P: MitKat Special Report: India-Pakistan relations - Part 2
MitKat Special Report: India-P: MitKat Special Report: India-Pakistan relations
Department of Transport: Emergency Exemption & Temporary Relaxation of Drivers’ Hours and Working Time Rules Guidance December 2018
KEY NOTE ADDRESS BY MR. J B SI: MR J B SINGH - PRESIDENT & CEO OF INTERGLOBE HOTELS addressed the audience with his Key Note on Travel Tourism & Hospitality which was the theme of the Knowledge Conclave.
EPR CLARIFICATION: Kind Attention: Custom/Port Authorities, State Pollution Control Boards, Pollution Control Committees, Manufacturers, Consumers and Bulk Consumers. Sub: Clarification Regarding Non-Applicability of EPR Authorization under E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 as amended thereof - Regarding <b
HOW TO BE AN INSANELY PRODUCTI: Each day you arrive at the office determined to tackle an ambitious to-do list.Lunch plans with a coworker turns into a cup of noodles at your desk as you scramble to catch up. By mid-afternoon, you’re lucky if you’ve accomplished even half of your projects.If you feel like there are nev
HOW TO ATTRACT MILLENNIALS TO: Every millennial has an individual set of expectations and requirements for a potential job. But two of the most common denominators are collaboration and creativity.Millennials want a position where they can work together with colleagues from different backgrounds who have diverse skill sets.
GST CANTEEN SERVICES CONTRACTU: Click on Download Link on the right
3 GOOD REASONS TO INVEST IN A: What Employees Want Most In A Workplace Design1. Natural light (62%)2. Artwork (44%)3. Reconfigurable furniture and spaces (43%)4. Collaborative spaces (37%)5. Places to rest and relax (25%)By incorporating the workplace design elements employees want
4 REASONS WOMEN ARE PERFECT FO: Historically, men have dominated the facilities management space. In fact, in 2014 we reported on the consistent scarcity of women in executive roles. At that time, only 3 to 4 percent of women held CEO positions. A female facilities manager was practically a unicornSince then, much has change
FUTURE READY- REFM: Practical steps to future ready- REFM Each one of us is rightly thinking about how we can make our function future ready? It is essential and need of the hour that we make our process and systems to take care of the current & future needs. With the abundance of technology available in market, there
COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE IS UNPR: Cybersecurity threats have become a constant and pervasive concern impacting multiple industries. In April, Boeing’s factory computers were held hostage by a ransomware virus, WannaCry. The same week, Baltimore was left without its 911 dispatch system for over 24 hours when hackers prevented calls f
PLASTIC BAN GAZETTE NOTIFICATI: Plastic ban in Maharashtra from June 23, 2018.Plastic ban in Maharashtra from June 23, 2018.Plastic ban in Maharashtra from June 23, 2018.Plastic ban in Maharashtra from June 23, 2018
THERE"S AN INVISIBLE WORLD IN: I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I’m walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago and nature calls, the first thing I do is look for a high-end hotel. The Peninsula, The Four Seasons, the Ritz, even the not-so-classy Westin and Marriot, have beautiful, spotlessly clean public restrooms.Or a
SLIP-RESISTANT FLOORING IN AN: No matter what your facility specializes in, it is crucial that the environment is equipped with a flooring solution geared toward safety. After all, your guests, patients, students and staff deserve the peace of mind in knowing that their well-being is taken seriously. While no flooring option can
REDUCING MAINTENANCE COST WITH: One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to protect floors and decrease maintenance expenses is installing floor protectors on furniture to guard the floors against damage from the legs scratching the surfaces. Maintenance costs decrease as much as 50% simply by added floor protectors to any
HOW PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVES BY U: Field management software (FMS) is becoming an increasingly essential method for facility maintenance companies to gain control over their business commodities. According to a 2017 report by Capterra, productivity software is a number one priority for small trades to invest in. Competitors of these