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The world of today has a lot of complexities, economic, social, security, financial, etc. We as individuals and organisations have to live in this complex environment and take on the challenges that are thrown up. Each has its set of rules, regulations, amendments, etc that we need to be aware off and take appropriate action to safeguard our as well as the organisation that we are working's interests. I would like to touch upon the security of thoughts and actions that an organization takes before, the thoughts fructify into actionable work, like setting up of new Verticals or Factories or Establishments. In today's era with the electronic dependency haven grown to such levels that we cannot think of us functioning without a mobile or a laptop, that the security of thought or in other words the thoughtful baby created which could manifest into something extraordinary, there is a need to secure your thoughts and your actions. It is felt that sometime we take our Board members or our immediate colleagues for granted as far as any breach of our future plans is concerned. They may be beyond doubt in Integrity and Loyalty is concerned but with gadgets which can eavesdrop without your consent one needs to have in place foolproof measures which will to a large extent reduce the chances of a breach, especially when the thought or project is in the nascent stage. I feel that organizations do not give due importance to Security in all its dimensions. We have to keep the security aspect in mind right from the nascent stage till full fledge production is going on. It is just that the dimensions are different for different stages.

India is one of the fastest growing Economies of the World and with” Make in India” and Start up India the new generation is coming up with innovative ideas which have to be harnessed by us, to ensure the steady growth of the organization in a very competitive era. Thus the manner that the HR of each organization functions should have in its thought, that the person being employed today could be a board member tomorrow. Hence a detailed check of his/her background, weakness and strengths need to be tabulated and kept. The same should be added to, in the positive or negative manner so that at the appropriate time when a decision is to be made the facts can be placed in front of the concerned committee. This aspect should address to an extent the Security of thoughts and actions when the person is in decision making appointment. There are a number of incidents that come to mind wherein an individual, unknowingly has done a normal action from his side like plugging in a pen drive to some friends laptop and sensitive issues, thoughts, future plans have gone in a microsecond without the individual even coming to know. The folly comes to mind when we are meeting
another competitor and find hints being given of issues that were conceived by us. At that time fast thinking and a way out has to be considered with time being at a premium. Why to reach such a stage? Thus it is imperative to keep your Security persons in the loop right from the beginning and hold them accountable. It is time that we take Security as a wholesome issue instead of considering it as only related to physical security. That is just a minuscule part of it, and in our plans the official(s) concerned be kept in the loop at the appropriate time, to avoid uncomfortable situations arising at a stage when it becomes an embarrassment for the establishment.