Knowledge Workshop - NOIDA

Events Highlight

08th November was a special day at Sopra-Steria. A houseful with 80 odd guests, in their elegant board room,  were in for some pleasant brain storming and mind training sessions.

The session commenced with a round of introductions, followed by an awareness talk on GACS by Col Ashok Prabhakar and our achievements over the last one year. This was followed by the discussion on BEST PRACTICES in FACILITY MANAGEMENT. The discussion encompassed the entire gamut of Corp. Services activities to include FM, Maintenance, Electronic Security, Sustainability etc. Understanding the field of best practices, constraints in implementing similar practices across the industry, limitations of budgets, strategic directions related to achieving best practices were covered by Col Ashok Prabhakar. Interaction of People, Processes and Technology with various verticals of Corporate Services were discussed. The effect of Spends of an organisation, The consumption trends and Reporting Structures & dashboards followed were discussed and the house pondered over the best manner in which new technology can be incorporated without unduly increasing the spends. There was healthy brainstorming over the balance between best practices and spends, best practices and legal/ statutory compliances and even best practices and ethical aspects.

Thereafter a wonderful session on Leadership in the Indian context followed. Maj Gen Sunil Kumar, a Kargil Veteran, a Scholar Soldier, a TED orator spoke on what he refers to as ENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP. Gen Sunil postulates a home grown model of leadership based of Marriage of India's Ancient Wisdom with a dash of Leadership tips from Indian Army to provide a very attractive definition of  Leadership. He articulated this by pulling out beautifully from our cultural past and amalgamated these with contemporary knowledge and awareness. A motivational speaker on the theme of YOUTH & NATION BUILDING, having conducted a TED Talk, a TV show & a FM Radio show on the subject besides conducting regular talks & seminars in various educational institutes & universities, he fills his sessions with doses of meditation, mind matters processes, quotes from revered texts and contemporary Corp. knowledge to provide a beautiful bouquet of knowledge.

The sessions was appreciated by a full house of almost 80 participants.