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Managing the Fire Prevention Organization
Tarun Sharma
Asked 2 years ago
With the many tasks, responsibilities, and requirements of the fire prevention organization how can personnel and resources be best utilized to  ensure that they are functioning at optimal effectiveness? Can they know that they are focusing on the right tasks and activities?
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Bipin Kumar
Answered 2 years ago
Managing fire safety Task:-Identify the requirement.Check the manpower/Management & equipment(competency). Hire new, if required or utilize the current team by distributing suitable/reasonable task.Set the goal to achieve it.Distribute the task/responsibility/targets (fire safety Audit, routine test, check etc. ) to group/s or individual.Add these task in KPI/KRA.Review the targets weekly/monthly/quarterly basis.Support the team where gaps observed. Fill the gaps and achieve the goal.Review the performance, reward to the performer.Review the above cycle, change if required as continual improvement. Please delegate "right work to the right person".
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