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How to increase ICSAT
Sumanta Sharangi
Asked 2 years ago
Pls. share your view to increase ICSAT or create WoW feeling from admin/facility prospective without investing single penny. It should not be your routine or geneal duty thay you work daily towards your business.
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Tarun Sharma
Answered a year ago
1-Be responsive 2-Be a human, not a machine. 3-Get to know your customers 4-A Happy employee is a happy customer. 5-An issue is important, but a customer is more important. 6-Build your brand awareness. 7-Keep organized. 8-Measure and improve seeking feedback expands well beyond the realm of pen and paper.
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Capt Rajesh Sharma
Answered a year ago
Tarun has summarised it well but most important is to start listening to your employees. A lot of time we react without listening to them. Also start basic stuff like greeting them through your security and HK staff. Start smart initiatives like health related quotes, food related quotes, informative quotes which will change their perspective about FM team
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