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Opening of "Branch Office" in different states.
Wilson John
Asked a year ago
This case arises out of a Section 8 company having its registered office at New Delhi.Question no. 1:This company has purchased or leasedĀ  property in three different states. Could these property be called "branches"?Question No2:What is the provision under Companies Act 2013-2016 ( as amended)to open a " branch office"Question No 3:What Rules has the registered office has to follow in opening a " branch office"? Please mention the rules specifically.Question No.4:What are the regulations that a registered office has to follow in opening a " branch office" ?Please mention the regulation specifically.Question No.5:Please quote or attach the gazatteĀ  notification,if any.
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Bhupinder Singh Bali
Answered a year ago
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