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Brand Identity

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Color:Darkblue,(rgb(0, 0, 139))


Look and Feel

GACS is an organization that provides an inclusive platform for all working professionals of corporate services domain. The acronym ‘GACS’ in bold uppercase lettering is short for Global Association for Corporate Services is the essence of this logo. The GACS Logo is simple, elegant and effective - The upper-case lettering communicates solidity and stature. The colors of the GACS logo are a rich blue and yellow – the blend of these colors communicates the sparkling role that the corporate services professionals play in creating, building and nurturing today’s business organizations. Corporate services professionals in today’s business world perceived as the life tube for businesses and it is this that is graphically represented in the circular image that is a part of the logo. It is this life tube domain (Corporate services) that manages the entire life cycle of the physical assets in the organization by continuously working on People Process and Technology as the three main important pillars

Logo Colors
The GACS logo employs two colors, the GACS Rich Blue(# 050E6D) & Yellow(#FFEF50). The logo should only be used in the specified brand colors.

Logo Placement
In all its applications, the logo appears within a confined shape of rectangle and which is always in the GACS Rich Blue(# 050E6D) & Yellow(#FFEF50) color. This is to make sure the logo does not appear on an image or cluttered background.

Scaling the Logo
The GACS Logo can be used in any desired size subject to a minimum width and height of 20.21 mm & 40.64 mm. This is to ensure that the subtle details of the logo are always reproduced clearly

Exclusion Zone
A minimum clear space helps to highlight the logo, giving it greater prominence. A clearly defined exclusion zone should, therefore, always be maintained around the logo. Ensure that it is never compromised by any other graphic, text or imagery. The exclusion zone around our logo would be the area defined by leaving a uniform clear space on all sides of the logo, which is of 1.9mm

Do not attempt to recreate the logotype or change its font
The logo should always be sharp and clear
Do not change the orientation of the logo
Do not change the colors of the logo
Do not scale the logo disproportionately
Do not make the logo smaller than the minimum recommended size
Do not place other elements within the exclusion zone
Do not place the logo too close to the edge in any application